Spokesperson Partnerships That Work

At Live in Five we see the potential in every relationship and lock in creative techniques that secure visibility and brand awareness for our clients.

When Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour makeup artist reached out for samples to use on-set, we leveraged her excitement for the brand into a mutually beneficial relationship that garnered over a million earned media impressions!

The formula was easy – we provided product and media relationships and she provided her insider’s beauty expertise! The results were interviews that landed our client features in Allure, VOGUE, Conde Nast Traveler, Us Weekly, SELF, Lucky, Yahoo! Shine and much more.

Now SKINDINAVIA has been positioned as an A-lister must-have, a pop-culture mainstay and as the ultimate “insider” backstage beauty secret. Triple win!

Spray your makeup sponge with a finishing spray before you apply foundation, then spritz your face after you apply. Sarah’s fave spray is the Makeup Finishing Spray from Skindinavia…
Lucky Magazine, November 2012

…then set it all with a finishing spray (Tanno loves Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray) rather than powder.
Allure Magazine, October 2012